Pope Francis on Homosexuals

Pope Francis

   Some folks are positively giddy about Pope Francis's recent comment that he would not judge gay people of good will who seek to serve God. I don't think, though, that he was saying what many of them seem to think he said. It's right and proper and thoroughly Christian that we not judge people (to say nothing of hating them) on the basis, merely, of their temptations.  In that regard, heterosexuality and homosexuality are surely on a … [Read more...]

Register early for Interpreter’s conference on science and Mormonism

These colorful drinks will not be on sale at the conference, owing to restrictive Utah laws.

   The Interpreter Foundation has announced the venue for its upcoming conference on science and Mormonism, as well as more details regarding the participants and the method for pre-registration.  (There will be no admission charge, but seating will be limited.) See here.   … [Read more...]

The Interpreter Foundation is seeking volunteers

Happy "Interpreter" volunteers at work in our editorial office

  The Interpreter Foundation seeks source checkers to help us in preparing materials for publication.  Students who have access to a very good academic library would be ideal for this. See the announcement here.   … [Read more...]

Hollywood prepares to anoint Barack Obama’s successor

Our Lady of the Cattle Futures

  It's almost time for the American public to be told who their next political messiah will be, and Hollywood, as John Fund notes, is already gearing up for the job: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/354621/get-ready-all-hail-hillary-movies-john-fund http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/354730/nbc-exec-behind-hillary-series-put-historically-questionable-anti-reagan-film-air-2003   … [Read more...]

The Hale family’s theaters: many happy memories

Inside the Hale Centre Theatre in West Valley City (click to enlarge)

  One of the benefits of having married a theater major is that I get to see a lot of live theater.  She insists.  And I happily go along. We returned earlier tonight from a fun performance of Guys and Dolls at the Hale Center Theater, in Orem.  On Friday night, we attended an excellent production of Ragtime at the Hale Centre Theatre -- note the difference in spelling -- in West Valley City. My history with the Hale family's theaters actually be … [Read more...]

“The Bible is literature, but also much more than that”

The tell or mound of the ancient biblical city of Jericho from the air

   The weekend's Hamblin/Peterson Deseret News column is now up: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865583606/The-Bible-is-literature-but-also-much-more-than-that.html Thus far, though, there's only one negative comment.   … [Read more...]

A Recent Radio Broadcast

Critics' allegations notwithstanding, this isn't a KTKK photograph of Peterson, Crenshaw, and Bradley in studio with their accompanist

   For whatever it's worth, here's a recording of a recent Mills Crenshaw show on KTKK AM 630 (K-Talk), featuring Don Bradley for the first two hours and Dan Peterson for the last two hours.  (We're on the show together for the middle of the three total hours.) The show was occasioned, I believe, by the approach of the 2013 FAIR conference in Provo.   … [Read more...]

An article about the approaching FAIR conference

The Utah Valley Convention Center, from the northeast (I believe)

  Provo's Daily Herald runs an article about the upcoming annual FAIR conference: http://www.heraldextra.com/lifestyles/faith-and-values/mormon-apologetics-group-brings-conference-to-provo/article_96971edb-7b6c-5e36-8a0f-f89aab8a1ed7.html   … [Read more...]