Albert Schweitzer


Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965)


One of my longstanding heroes is Albert Schweitzer, who seems to be little remembered (or, at least, relatively little discussed) today.


He shouldn’t be forgotten.  Nor should his philosophy of “Reverence for Life.”


He would be memorable for any one of at least three things:


(1) his authorship of the pivotal book Geschichte der Leben-Jesu-Forschung, translated into English as The Quest for the HIstorical Jesus


(2) his efforts to interpret and promote the organ works of Johann Sebastian Bach


(3) his decades of humanitarian work as a physician at Lambaréné, in what is now the nation of Gabon


I don’t always agree with him, but a lifetime of such achievement in scholarship, the arts, and humanitarian service seems to me wholly admirable, and deserving not only of remembrance but of emulation.



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