$17,000,000,000,000: Pretty Soon, You’re Talking Real Money


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I saw a discussion between two men on television the other day.  One commented that, having successfully made our way past the government shutdown and raised the debt ceiling, we’re doing pretty well.


The other responded that we’re not doing well at all, that we’re headed toward disaster and don’t seem to care.  The other man’s statement, he said, reminded him of the story of a fellow who fell out of a fortieth-floor window.  Down and down and down he fell.  Past the thirty-ninth floor.  Past the twentieth floor.  Past the tenth floor.  Still hurtling downward past the fifth floor, he reflected on his experience to that point:  “So far, so good!”


Read this, and reflect on whether you tend to agree with the first man or the second:





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    I guess these superficial blog stories are
    why even conservatives like Borin’ Orin Hatch are rejecting the
    Heritage Foundation since Jim DeMint went over to the dark side. Now the
    organization is paying dearly for becoming a political rag instead of a
    legitimate conservative think tank.