An Unpleasant Surprise


My most recent official portrait


I’ve been noticing that almost everybody — senators, congressmen, actors pitching retirement plans and life insurance — seems to be younger than I am.


Astonishing.  How on earth did this happen?  And when?


I take comfort in the fact that the same thing that’s happened to me will happen to them, too.  Sooner than than they imagine.  Just the way it happened to me.



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  • David_Naas

    A while back, at work, one of the younger workers asked me about the recent release of “The Mask of Zorro”. I replied that it wasn’t bad, but that it didn’t have Sergeant Garcia (from the Disney version). He asked, “Who’s that?” Realizing he was much younger, I thought to relate the reference to his age cohort, so I said, “He was the Sergeant Schultz of his day.” Whereupon the immature whelp asked, “Who is Sergeant Schultz?”
    Not only over the hill, but over the second hill to the right. Straight on to morning.

    • RaymondSwenson

      We have all lost our inner boys.

  • Scott_Lloyd

    More and more at work I’m finding that when I make humorous pop culture allusions that once garnered knowing nods or chuckles if not full-fledged laughter, I’m getting blank stares. Then, I reflect to my horror that a good many of my workplace associates these days are young enough to be my children. I find it very disconcerting, and I try not to think about it too long or hard.