“Faith, Family, and Religious Freedom”



Elder Holland with Justice Clarence Thomas of the United States Supreme Court on the night of the speech


A very interesting speech delivered by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Council of the Twelve Apostles:




Posted from Park City, Utah.



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  • mike

    A fine, prescient speech. We will be hearing this topic with greater frequency in the coming years, I have no doubt. Elder Oaks, among others, has spoken on this subject a number times in the past, including at the most recent General Conference. The antipathy that our society has recently developed toward organized religion is unsettling in its implications. I am often reminded of the small groups of faithful Nephites in the Book of Mormon who huddled together in their families, clutching their scriptures, while their society crumbled around them and the vast majority of people around them dwindled in unbelief. I sometimes fear we are heading down that road. But then when I see a missionary force of 80,000 strong, when I approach and enter one of our scores of temples, and when I hear our primary children sing filled with the light of Christ I find my fears dissipate. We live in a time of tremendous turmoil but also a time of great spiritual strength.