Elder Neal A. Maxwell
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Largely by chance last night while searching for something else, I came across the text of this speech, given at the 1991 annual FARMS banquet by the late Elder Neal A. Maxwell, of the Council of the Twelve:




“I have come,” he begins his remarks, “to thank and to offer a few words of encouragement and guidance to scholars, whose work collectively has been used, is being used, and hopefully always will be used to protect and to build up the kingdom.”


The speech was given in 1991.  Elder Maxwell died in 2004.



  • RaymondSwenson

    The word “protect” clearly means defending the LDS Church against an enemy. The only way scholars can “protect” the Church is through apologetics. QED.

    • DanielPeterson


  • Heath Dowers

    I find it interesting that many of our enemies wish to exploit us. They demand that we remain silent on every affront posited against our beliefs. However, when we do mount a response to their provocations, we are quickly labeled bigots or non-Christians. What do they expect us to do? Are we to just lie down in the grass and grovel at their feet? I think those are the actions of a coward!

    In my experience in the Church, it seems that many within our ranks would rather not defend their convictions. Instead, they would rather go along to get along. They wish to avoid any intellectual scuffles on the matter. I posit that members cannot defend what they do not know; thus, we must know the Book of Mormon backwards and forwards. This will logically lead to a greater understanding of the remaining standard works, for the Book of Mormon is the key.

    Although I am glad that we have a few in the field of apologetics, the coming days will require that we all become defenders of the faith. If not, I am sure that those, myself included, who have build on a weak foundation will give way to the pressure that will mount. The application of defending the gospel can only produce good fruit, if led by the Spirit. This exercise causes one to think deeply about why he or she believes the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. A once tenuous foundation becomes a bulwark of conviction. There truly is a war being waged for the human soul!