Interpreter, and then FairMormon, on KSL Radio


A photo of me, taken during my interview with Martin Tanner


For those who may have missed my interview with Martin Tanner on KSL-Radio yesterday, it’s available here.


It starts at roughly the 7:50 minute-mark, and continues until just about exactly 17:50.  In other words, it’s ten minutes long.


The remainder of the recording is also interesting.  It’s an an interview with Steve Densley, of FairMormon.  He’s more likable than I am, though.  Not quite as nasty.  No vicious ad hominems.



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  • kgbudge

    Is it the notorious Father Coughlin you look so much like in that photo?

    • DanielPeterson

      Father Coughlin is my long-lost (good) twin.