John Howell, on “Mormon Scholars Testify”



The University of Rochester
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“Mormon Scholars Testify” has added a new entry, from John Howell, a professor of physics at the University of Rochester, in New York:



"There need to be some clear questions raised."
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  • RaymondSwenson

    I appreciate that Professor Howell makes the point up front that science is not focused on knowing al, the answers already, but on asking questions.

    The narrative of militant atheists is that they already know all the important truths of science and there are no “gaps” of the unknown that God could be hiding in. They don’t seem to appreciate the quandary in which they place science with their narrative. If scientific discovery is essentially complete and comprehensive, what are untenured new PhD candidates going to do?

    Real science, however, is more along the lines of an observation by Einstein, that every knew answer results in a new brace of questions, and it is the questions that power scientific exploration. The Restored Gospel, which asserts that there are lots of things yet to be revealed by God, has a similar confidence combined with humility that has no problem living alongside an incompkete but groiwing science.

    The comprehensive authoritative science of the atheists, in contrast, is more akin to traditional Christian denominations that insist that all the answers have already been given. Neither of these completist narratives can tolerate any competition., from each other or from the “more open to new discoveries” viewpoints in their own fields.