Joseph Fielding McConkie (d. 2013)


Joseph Fielding McConkie (d. 2013)


I’ve been saddened to hear of the death, on Thursday, of Joseph Fielding McConkie.  I didn’t know him well, but I’ve known him a long time, and, several years ago, he and I directed simultaneous tours for the same company (Cruise Lady) in Israel.  We had separate buses, but our groups ate breakfast and dinner together and often, sometimes by design, were at the sites together.  Importantly, we also shared a couple of firesides.  I came to appreciate his sense of humor and, of course, had always appreciated his understanding of, and his commitment to, the Restored Gospel.  His voice will be missed.


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  • Trevor Luke

    My former Book of Mormon teacher. He and I did not agree about the importance of learning so-called dead languages, but he was fair. He also had a sharp wit and a unique perspective. Finally, his connection to the McConkie doctrinal legacy made for interesting lectures.

  • RaymondSwenson

    Bruce McConkie set me apart for my mission to Japan with a short but prophetic blessing, and I had several hours of time with him in small meetings and personal interviews as he periodically visited while supervising missionary work in Japan. I have often thought how much Joseph reflected his father physically and in his testimony of the gospel.