Last night in St. Louis


The St. Louis Missouri Temple
of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,
located perhaps two or three miles from where I spoke


I spoke last night to a mixed group, mostly Mormons and Muslims, here in St. Louis.  It was a rather wistful experience, as this is very possibly the last time that I’ll speak publicly about, or on behalf of, the Islamic Translation Series and the broader Middle Eastern Texts Initiative.


It’s the end of a major phase of my life.


Posted from St. Louis, Missouri.



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  • Heath Dowers

    A sad farewell, no doubt!

    • Bob Oliverio

      I agree. Sounds like this has been a love and passion for you. And where passion exists, so does the advice of one of the most passionate lines from one of my favorite TV characters , Hawkeye Pierce: “Don’t let the bastards win”

      • Heath Dowers

        Yes, truth is my passion. The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ is the lens through which I look to decipher the ideals I come into contact with on a daily basis. Any other lens pales in comparison. Outside of the Gospel literature, I am constantly sifting the classical works of Ancient Greece, Rome, and Islam. Also, the works of St. Thomas Aquinas are of particular interest to me.

        My passion in these respective literatures has been deduced from my study of the Book of Mormon. Therein lies the chronicle of two civilization that flourished, but eventually perished due to sin and the rejection of God’s prophets. Hence, these peoples rejected truth, or pure knowledge. This pattern impressed me in such a way that I decided to examine other civilizations and see if the same thing existed. It truly does in every disintegration of civilization. All nations commenced by abiding to good principles, and, then, they began to reject those ideals. Ultimately leading to their utter destruction and dissolution.

        It is my humble opinion, that America is on the same course. As Thomas Jefferson stated, “I tremble and fear for my country when I know that God is just, his justice cannot sleep forever.”

        • Bob Oliverio


          My apologies but my comment was in support of Dr Peterson who seems to be leaving a role of great interest and passion to him.

          But your passions are very much appreciated and significant as well.