Barely Surviving in the Age of Austerity


It’s tough to be so austere.


I read a comment online the other day about the lamentable “austerity” of the federal government under which we Americans are currently living.  I think that the person who wrote it was serious.


Here are some examples of what that “austerity” looks like:



  • Velska

    I think you’ve got the percentage wrong there. is only 2.38% of 38 trn so that percentage you give for 2013 budget is wrong. And the slice should be a fair bit smaller. Its only less than one thirty-eighth piece, not a quarter of the pie.

    The President inherited a budget that was three trillion in deficit. But the 2007 budget looks nice also, because the wars are not in it.

    But I’m afraid that austerity has been used as an excuse for killing some people’s pet peeves. And killing public schools, fire departments and others.