Lots to do, but, still, a good afternoon and evening


A scene from the Broadway production of “In the Heights”
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In the afternoon, I joined with a small group of BYU scholars and others for an informal discussion of the new book Mormon’s Codex with its author, John Sorenson, and the eminent non-LDS archaeologist William Dever.  The conversation concerned such things as archaeological method, what to look for in organizing reviews of the book, and certain kinds of irrational skepticism.  (Professor Dever, though not even a theist, is an outspoken critic of “biblical minimalism.”)


Shortly thereafter, my wife and I joined a group of our neighbors for, first, dinner at a good local restaurant and then, thereafter, a play at the Hale Center Theater, in Orem.


The play was the recent Broadway hit In the Heights, with music and lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda and book by Quiara Alegría Hudes.  I was unfamiliar with it until tonight, but I enjoyed it thoroughly.  Set in Washington Heights, a largely Hispanic community (predominantly Dominican, but also partially Puerto Rican and Cuban) in “Nueva York,” it’s remarkably energetic, sometimes touching, and very melodic.


The dancing was excellent, too, though it reminded me of how very awkwardly Scandinavian I feel when I’m around my son’s Cuban wife and in-laws.


As I’ve said before and intend to say again, I’m grateful for local live theater.




If you happen to be in Darmstadt on Thursday or Friday, please drop by!
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