Names, Faces, and Hints of What’s Coming


A detail from the wall murals in the Creation Room of the Nauvoo Temple


The bios and abstracts for the rapidly approaching 9 November Interpreter Foundation conference on Mormonism and science are now available online:


This is going to be a very good conference.


Posted from St. Louis, Missouri.



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“Who is my neighbor?”
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  • RaymondSwenson

    There is such a need to have insights from Latter-day Saints who know science and the gospel, I hope this conference will be recorded and made widely available. I could have really benefitted from it when I was a junior high school student trying to reconcile what I was learning about physics, cosmology, geology, paleontology and biology with what I was learning at church and in seminary, in a ward where people who understood science were few and far between. Our youth should not have to wait until they enter BYU or an Institute to find out these insights.

  • DanielPeterson

    No, I’m afraid that was not me. It sounds like something Hugh Nibley might have said. If he did, I think I can see what he might have been getting at. In a literal sense, though, I think it would be an exaggeration.

    • Scott W. Clark

      You might be referring to what he said about Abraham’s sons by Keturah. I don’t have the cite with me but it was something about them and Western civilization. But that’s as far as my memory goes.

      • Scott W. Clark

        This is responding of course to the post up above not Dan’s.