“Obamacare’s Magical Thinkers”


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The incomparable Mark Steyn:




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  • RaymondSwenson

    Speaking as a former Federal software designer, the web page is merely an interface into a much more complex system that is Obamadoesn’tcare. Since the interface doesn’t work, the system itself won’t work either.

  • Bob Oliverio

    I must share a related story of this past week:

    I was attending an annual meeting of bank executives and board chairs w the FDIC regional district head of our district this past week. Amongst all of the other topics of interest (or dis-interest for attendees depending on ones Tier One Capitalization!) was the discussion of what most may know as “Dodd-Frank” compliance. It affects all of us banks in a continuing more detrimental way as size increases. But the issue at hand for most of us was deadlines for compliance and pursuit of waivers, exemption and political environment for change and/or repeal of its various requirements.

    This particular regional director came w the standard talking points from Washington and when pushed by member institutions with claims of hardship, fairness, impact to local economic concerns, etc …. his response was very “Jay Carney”: “You’ve known these deadlines were coming and expected for almost five years now , I don’t thing you will find very much sympathy from Washington in asking for waivers at this point.”

    As Chairman of a member institute, and not mgt (which has a big distinction for compliance reasons), I could not resist and asked: “So did this attitude on compliance to Dodd – Frank originate from the same attitude in Washington for rolling out the existing health care website in understanding deadlines and performance or does Washington hold the private sector to a greater standard”?

    May have been my only standing ovation equivalent in my life!

    • Jeremy Alleman

      I agree! That was a fantastic observation, and a show of the duplicity inherent in politics.
      My biggest contention with this law is that it went after the middleman (insurance) and not the cause of medical costs (doctors, dentists, specialists, etc.). So the cost will still remain high, but the buffer is being stressed by all the regulations and demands put on it by governmental commities.
      I am not looking forward to seeing what the results of this will be.