On the Barrycades


I know that posting this will expose me to the usual charges of hard heartedness and mean spiritedness, so I need to stress that, actually, though I’m a conservative and though my name is Daniel Peterson, I don’t actually take pleasure in the sufferings of others. ┬áBut, really, one does begin to wonder:


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Fortunately, though, our President isn’t hard hearted or mean spirited!


Thanks to Jim Davies for this


The title of the blog entry to which I’m supplying a link here has been suppressed.
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  • Dimm

    Finally a very good point. It’s all gonna come to an end pretty soon before the QE 8 or 9

  • Namakaokona

    Nice to see you recycling the lies of the open sewer Rush Limbaugh. Will your next post have any lynching photos?

    • DanielPeterson

      What on earth does Rush Limbaugh have to do with this”

      And what’s your obsession with lynching and open sewers?