“Passing Up the Heavenly Gift (Part One of Two)”


Latter-day Saints believe Brigham Young to have been a prophet of God.
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It’s Friday, and so, like clockwork, another article has gone up for Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture:




In this one, Gregory L. Smith examines some of the writing of Denver Snuffer.



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  • Sharee

    I read this review with much interest. I had heard about Denver Snuffer being excommunicated, and after reading this review, I think I can understand why. I have his book “The Second Comforter,” which was highly recommended by a friend, but haven’t read it yet. Now I’m wondering if it would be a waste of my time. Is there a review of that book anywhere?

    • Sharee

      I must say that I am disappointed not to have received a response to my question. I really would like to know if I should read The Second Comforter or just toss it.

      • DanielPeterson

        Sorry. I haven’t read it and can’t comment on it.

    • http://nathanrichardson.com/ Nathan

      I haven’t read the book, Sharee, but here’s one review:


      • Sharee

        Thank you, Nathan. The review was very helpful.