“Take upon you my whole armor”


I posed for this just before I left for the Midwest.
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The Interpreter Foundation has now posted its forty-seventh (47th) “scripture roundtable.”  In this one, Craig Foster, Brant Gardner, and Martin Tanner discuss lesson 43 from the 2013 Doctrine and Covenants and Church history Gospel Doctrine manual:




The sound of silence from The Interpreter Foundation grows more and more deafening, no?


Posted from Kansas City, Missouri.



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  • Ed Ludeman

    In its death throes, could Interpreter find time to maybe go over the Teachings of Presidents lesson material too?

    • DanielPeterson

      That would be fun. Of course, we depend upon volunteers, and there’s only so much time and energy. But I’ll raise the question. Good idea.

  • trytoseeitmyway

    Ideally there would be some way for a stranger to be filled in on the context here. I see that you are critical of the Interpreter Foundation but it is difficult, without the context, to understand why. I gather you think they should be more vigorous about … well, that’s just it. About what?

    (Postscript: Doing more looking around, I now see that you’re the Chairman and President of the Board of the Foundation. Sorry to be so dense, but now I’m really confused. This helps to illustrate why providing context might be helpful to the uninitiated.)

    • kiwi57

      His remarks are intentionally ironic. Let me explain.

      There is a little coterie of obsessive compulsive haters who have nothing better to do with their lives than share malicious daydreams about Dan’s downfall. They watch him day and night, trawling the internet looking for anything they can misconstrue or misrepresent. (They even dug up an Amazon purchase that was a gift for his son, and expended quantities of bandwidth speculating about what that said about his taste in literature.) The only thing stopping them from sneaking over to his house at night to go through his garbage is their complete lack of physical and moral courage.

      When Dan was dismissed from the former Neal A. Maxwell Institute (in the process of transforming said Institute from a vehicle for high-powered scholarship in defence of the LDS faith into a navel-gazing club for academic elitists) the Dan-hating society practically wet themselves with excitement. They smugly congratulated themselves that it marked the end of LDS apologetics.

      Thus, when the Interpreter Foundation was formed, they hastened to reassure one another that it wouldn’t last, and that it would be a dismal failure. Dan therefore likes to tweak their noses by describing its continuing success in terms that fit their over-confident predictions.

      • trytoseeitmyway

        That’s helpful, thank you.

    • DanielPeterson

      Sorry to have been confusing. I was having a bit of fun at the expense of certain people who have been predicting (and celebrating) the imminent demise of The Interpreter Foundation since its founding on 3 August of 2012.