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Joseph Smith, and one who betrayed him
An important voice, even where I quibble or outright disagree
  • Bob Oliverio

    After review of the link you provided it difficult to understand what the academic standards of this organization is and it’s relevance to Latter Day Saints beliefs.

    Are there any credible archaeologists who are involved w this organization? Or is this organization more a lay fraternal group w common interests in pushing a meso-american theory for the location of a BOM setting within an isolated group LDS friends and apologists? Are either LDS famed archaeologists Clark or Sorenson sponsors or supporters of this organization and its attempt at providing scholarly standards to its mission of establishing archaeological support for a BOM history in meso-america, or anywhere else. Did not see their names in any authors list. Seems to have a lot of contributing authors and articles but lacks any establishment of whether their works have any relevance to LDS or secular interest or acceptance in academic circles for their views, knowledge or support for a BOM historicity anywhere.

    • DanielPeterson

      It’s very deeply mysterious, isn’t it?