“The Imperative for a Historical Book of Mormon”



The Eight Witnesses examine the plates of the Book of Mormon.


I’m pleased to announce that Stephen Smoot’s “The Imperative for a Historical Book of Mormon” is now available on the blog of The Interpreter Foundation.



  • http://nathanrichardson.com/ Nathan

    One of the best ways I’ve ever heard to succinctly explain why this matters is the contrast you’ve made (in a few past publications or recordings; I can’t remember exactly where) with the Qur’an. Since Mohammed was only claiming to receive visions, disbelievers in the supernatural can disbelieve his claim (calling it hallucination) while simultaneously granting him good intentions (he simply thought the hallucinations were real).
    But disbelievers in the supernatural cannot disbelieve Joseph’s claims to revelation and still grant him good intentions. You can’t explain it away as Joseph merely mistaking hallucinations as divine—because he had an actual tangible object that he showed to others. If the message is false, he’s a malicious deceiver. You can’t have the message be false and still call him sincere and innocently misguided.
    Really good contrast, and I think it reveals one reason why the Lord was so intentional about having the plates involved.