“The Maligned Tea Party: The Left’s Characterizations Just Aren’t True”


i see nothing racist in the signs above, and nothing with which to disagree.
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I’ve been fascinated by the ferocious contempt that many left-leaning commentators feel somehow compelled to heap upon the Tea Party movement and its sympathizers (among whom I’m happy to count myself).  Agree with them or not, the overwhelming majority of the members of the Tea Party, in my experience anyway, are pretty mainstream Americans — productive, law-abiding, decent, public-spirited, concerned about their children and their country — who are simply exercising their rights as free citizens of a Republic.


Yet it’s routine to hear them referred to with open hostility, condescension, and even hatred.  The expression Tea Party is an honorable and patriotic one, for example, drawn from the formative history of our nation, yet many on the Left, including a number of my acquaintances, routinely refer to the modern movement that uses that name as “Tea Baggers” — which, as many of them well know, is a gross obscenity (one that I will not explain on this family-oriented blog).


It’s as if a certain elite feels that such ordinary, common people should simply shut up, fork over their ill-gotten gains, and agree to be ruled by their self-appointed Betters.


Anyway — big surprise — many of the stereotypes of the Tea Party are incorrect.  Not a few, in fact, appear to rest on flat-out lies.  As one Yale professor recently discovered:





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  • Randy

    We don’t hate the Tea Party, in fact we ascribe to most of their principles, but we dislike the tactics and antics of Sen. Lee which have caused the nation to believe that Republicans are crazy, stubborn, and unreasonable.

  • rockyrd

    I agree with Randy. It’s hard to argue with the Tea Party objectives, but with the Cruz-Lee debacle they’ve shot themselves in both feet. That was clear without the help of the liberal media. But Dan and I will always have disagreements on politics, fortunately not religion! Love ya’ Dan. Keep up the great blog.

  • RaymondSwenson

    I think the entire episode involving the Federal budget appropriations was not just a pointless debacle, accomplishing nothing of lasting value, but a foreseeable debacle.
    It is generally the habit of liberals to place emphasis on the expression of emotions and “sincerity” and “authenticity” as being more important than the actual accomplishment of any beneficial goal. Thus, the entire program of the Obama administration to “fight” global warming by subsidizing “green energy” to the tune of billions of dollars would have NO measurable effect on CO2 levels (let alone global temperatures), even if they all had succeeded rather than gone bankrupt. Indeed, since China has far outstripped the US in CO2 emissions, NOTHING we in the US do in the next few decades can make any appreciable dent in greenhouse gas levels. But that is NOT important to liberals, who insist it is MANDATORY that we spend billions just to show we are rooting for Mother Earth.
    Yet here we see conservatives investing and losing their credibility on a predictably fruitless attempt to delay Obamacare, just to show that their heart is in the RIGHT place (pun intended). We are supposed to be the adults, even when we are forced to deal with the adolescents of politics, who think that money grows on trees, and Dad always picks up the tab on gas credit card.
    I would think that the adult, conservative way to deal with Obamacare would be to weigh it down with malicious compliance, calling in all of the people who run it for interminable oversight and accountability, explaining on camera how it creates injustice by punishing the productive in order to subsidize those who choose not to work for health insurance, and how it is not being applied to Congress and labor unions, and other favored constitutencies. Specific amendments to various portions of the ACA should be added and embedded pervasively so that it cannot be separated from the necessary funding mechanisms and enabling portions of other legislation. Then don’t even draw attention to it, and force the Democrats to oppose ALL legislative action no matter how insistent their constituencies that it be passed. Since Democrats don’t bother reading beyond the title of legislation, they will not notice at least one of these bills until it is too late.