The Schedule and Program of the 9 November Science Conference




The full program and schedule for the rapidly approaching Interpreter Foundation conference on Mormonism and science is now up:


Owing to lack of space, we’ve had to cut registration off at six hundred.  But, of course, there will almost certainly be those who, despite having registered, fail to appear.  So the prospects of getting in aren’t quite zero.


On the other hand, the conference will also be streamed and recorded — and, ultimately, published — so there’s hope on that front, as well.



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  • Randy

    I was so disappointed to find yesterday that it was sold out when I went on to register. I was anxious to drive down from North Ogden to participate with you.

  • RaymondSwenson

    Thanks to all the organizers who have answered the prayers of us out in the hinterlands. I will purchase copies for the homes of each of my adult children so my grandchildren can read this when they are ready.