“Who shut down Yellowstone?”


One of the weirder landscapes on the planet


Charles Krauthammer — perhaps appropriately, a Harvard-trained psychiatrist — has long since become one of the most acute commentators on American politics.  And, as here, he’s usually right:





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  • RaymondSwenson

    The notion of closing off the monuments on the Mall in DC is ludicrous. There was no such closure during the budget impasse in 1995 under Clinton. There are no fences and gates around the Lincoln Memorial, and the WW II, Korean War and Vietnam Memorials. Putting barriers to entry was EXTRA work for the Park Service. It is totally bogus. Americans should pull the barriers down and defy the Park Police to arrest them and charge them with trespass on PUBLIC PROPERTY that is open to the citizens who own it, just like the National Forests. President Obama seems to think that the Mall belongs to him, not to the people.