“Zion — The Pure in Heart”


The big five-O


The Interpreter Foundation has just posted its fiftieth (50th) “scripture roundtable,” which is, certainly, a major milestone.  (Actually, if we count the special roundtable that we did on Joseph Smith and early Latter-day Saint plural marriage, this is #51.  But I’m going to celebrate anyway.)


In this roundtable, Shon Hopkin, Andrew Smith, and Martin Tanner focus on lesson 46 in the 2013 Gospel Doctrine lesson manual, “Zion — The Pure in Heart”:




I want to thank and congratulate all those who have participated in these roundtables thus far, with particular gratitude to Andrew Smith, who has spearheaded the effort and kept us moving along.


We’re going to take a brief pause at this point, because . . .  well, we’ve run out of Gospel Doctrine lessons.  But we’ll start up again soon, preparing lessons for the new Church curriculum year, which, in 2014, will concentrate on the Old Testament.



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