A New Massacre of Christians in Syria?


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I was involved in a conference call this morning with several Syrian intellectuals in Damascus, some (if not all) of whom have been under serious death threats for a long time.


Conditions there are terrible.  The electricity was out in Damascus, so their power was being supplied by a generator in the room.


Far worse, though, was the news that they conveyed of a massacre, by forces aligned with al-Qa‘ida, of twenty-seven Christians in Daraa (or Der’a, or Dera‘a), a town in southwestern Syria, just north of the Syrian border with Jordan.


Thus far, I’ve seen no confirmation of this news elsewhere.



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  • Doug Ealy

    In your opinion, what should be done? If the US sent Marines, would that be interpreted the same way the Marines in Beirut were seen (circa 1982)– as an army to support the Christians? I would suspect that al-Qa’ida is just one of several factions in Syria.