Christians can learn from Mormons?



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I note with a sigh the implicit assumption that Christians and Mormons represent two distinct, mutually exclusive groups.  It’s present here in only a comparatively faint form.  But the article (along with the book to which it refers) is interesting:


My thanks to the inimitable William Hamblin for bringing this article to my attention.



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  • William Hamblin

    Did you MEAN to type “inimitable”? Or is it a spell checker fail for “irritable”?

    • DanielPeterson

      By “inimitable,” I intended “inimitably irritating.”

      • William Hamblin

        That’s better. I thought you were slipping there for a moment!

  • Robert Lloyd

    First off Dan, my name is Bob Lloyd, I am a long time reader first time commenter. I really enjoy your blog! My question is, the article mentions that a Ms. Lynn Wilder provided the counterpoints to the article. I saw that she was faculty at BYU before she left the church. Did you know her at all? Or know anything of her story? Just curious.

    • DanielPeterson


      I didn’t know Professor Wilder. I only know a little bit about her from reading. (Though I haven’t read her book.)

      She was, I believe, a convert to Mormonism. She taught in the College of Education and was quite active in the Church but eventually left both Church and University — possibly, though I’m not sure of this, under the influence of a returned-missionary son who had decided to renounce Mormonism. I believe that she’s teaching in Florida now.

      Based upon what I’ve seen, I haven’t been particularly impressed by her claims about her former faith or her arguments against it. But she’s gained a bit of stature (in the circles where stories like hers are reckoned good weapons against Mormonism) because she was once a professor at BYU — which, some seem to imagine, is practically like having been a General Authority.