“Churches that look like spaceships”


The Provo Utah Temple didn’t make the cut.
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Not even the San Diego California Temple made the cut.
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I actually like most of these:




I’ve been in three of them — in Helsinki, Barcelona, and, well, one other place — and have driven by the one in Liverpool.



"Mortality Gap: Why Women Live Longer than Men"
"Beware of the Gaystapo"
New Testament 197
Hebrew inscriptions? How early?
  • Scott G.

    Growing up near the San Diego temple, the girls would call it Cinderella’s castle and the boys would call it the spaceship from any space movie you’ve ever seen.

  • RaymondSwenson

    I have thought that the interior of the Conference Center looks like what the inside of the Mother Ship in Close Encounters of the Third Kind should have looked like. During the pageant that was performed there during the 2002 Olympics, with the organ and choir and speaker seats replaced with a hemisphere, and scenes with children flying up into the ceiling, and an opening with scenes of the universe projected onto a circular screen enclosing the stage, I would not have been too startled if I had felt my seat in the front row center of the balcony accelerating beneath me as we blasted off toward Kolob.
    I lived near the Oakland Temple for five years. It is a landmark all over the San Francisco Bay area because of its prominence on the hills, and it is a landmark that pilots use when flying into the Oakland Airport. One of the people in my ward was a Navy pilot whose curiosity was aroused by the shiny building he used to get his bearings for a landing at the now closed Alameda Naval Air Station, and joined the church after looking into it.

  • Sharee

    I’ve always thought the Jordan River Temple looked like a spaceship ready to take off.