Conservatives, of course, were (and, no doubt, are) responsible for the assassination of President Kennedy


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Incidentally, many of John F. Kennedy’s position on foreign and domestic policy would be more closely aligned, I think, with today’s Republican Party than with the contemporary Democratic Party.  For whatever that’s worth.


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  • Lucy Mcgee

    A poorly written article, in my opinion. We just watched a two hour Frontline documentary, an excellent bit of journalism, which clearly outlines Oswald’s motives.

    • DanielPeterson

      You probably haven’t been told for fifty years that it was people like you who killed President Kennedy.

      What is it about the article that makes it “poorly written”? Bad grammar? Inscrutable disorganization? Unacceptable point of view? Weird misuse of words? Too many exclamation points? Lack of meter and rhyme?

      • Lucy Mcgee

        I’ve read a good bit of your writing over the past months, Your first sentence seems out of place and unusual. Are you attempting humor or just being mean spirited?

        • DanielPeterson

          Which first sentence? Where?

          Provisionally, though, the answer to your question is probably “Neither.”

          • Lucy Mcgee

            Really, then what was it?

          • DanielPeterson

            Again I ask, “Which first sentence? Where?” I don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • kiwi57

      Yes, and?

      Do we need to watch the whole thing for two hours, or is there a transcript somewhere?

      So can you boil it down for us? Does it tell us that Oswald, the failed Soviet defector and Castro sympathiser was really a rabid Tea Partier who opposed Kennedy’s Civil Rights stance?

      • Lucy Mcgee

        Have you ever watched a Frontline program?

        • kiwi57

          No. Frontline doesn’t air where I live.

          So, what does it say were Oswald’s motives?

          • Lucy Mcgee

            So when you click on the link I provided you get nothing?