Drinking the Kool-Aid


Thirty-five years ago today.
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Today marks the thirty-fifth anniversary of the Jonestown Massacre involving Jim Jones and the People’s Temple.


It’s from this horrible incident that we get the metaphor of “drinking the Kool-Aid,” because, of course, more than 900 people died from drinking a poisoned beverage at Jonestown.


Little-known fact:  It was probably “Flavor-Aid,” not “Kool-Aid.”


Another little-known fact:  Jim Jones was very well connected, politically — overwhelmingly to prominent Democrats.  Just for the record.



Seeing is believing?
New Testament 136
"Religion poisons everything!" (7)
"The Mormon Bonhoeffer"
  • Lucy Mcgee

    Which means what, for the record?

    • dangerdad

      It’s been a typical practice of the academics and members of the press to recast all “bad” people as whatever opposes progressivism. Hence, if you’re not in the left, you’re called a Nazi (though I don’t know how the tea party compares to “national socialist workers”). Mayor Bloomberg instantly speculated that the failed Times Square bombing might be someone ‘unhappy with healthcare’. Every mass shooting in the last year has been openly speculated to have ties to the tea party, etc. (even though every time it’s turned out that the guy is just off his meds, often a registered Democrat).

      Jim Jones also preached a flavor of socialism mixed with religion that many of today’s “Social Justice” crowd would recognize and embrace.

      Which doesn’t necessarily mean the one implies the other. But it does call to memory what happens if we don’t learn fro history.

    • DanielPeterson

      It means that Rev. Jones was inclined Democrat-wards.

  • Jon

    “Another little-known fact: Jim Jones was very well connected, politically — overwhelmingly to prominent Democrats. Just for the record.”
    Another little-known fact: Jones was a registered Republican during the late 1960s and early 1970s and was a Nixon supporter.

    • DanielPeterson

      Fortunately, though, he evolved. From Republican to Democrat, and on to international fame!

      My my. My little implicit joke seems to have touched a nerve.

      • Jon

        Classic case of projection. The fact that you responded shows that my “little implicit joke” touched a nerve.

        • DanielPeterson

          If you’re really determined to take this seriously, that’s your prerogative.

          I don’t.

          Have a great day.

          • Jon

            If you’re determined to take my comments seriously, that’s your prerogative. I find your use of the Jonestown Massacre to make an attenuated political point to be quite amusing.

          • DanielPeterson

            “I don’t.” (Quoted from my immediately previous post.)

  • DanielPeterson

    I was joking.

    Though a serious point can be made of it: A certain class of liberal likes to connect conservatives with all manner of religious fanaticism and lunacy, real and (very often) imagined. But there’s plenty of that sort of thing to go around, and our liberal friends have their own loons, fanatics, and extremists. (I’ll have a bit more to say about that matter, if I remember, come this Friday.)