“Elder Neal A. Maxwell on Consecration, Scholarship, and the Defense of the Kingdom”


Elder Neal A. Maxwell


It’s Friday, so, for the sixty-seventh (67th) week in a row, a new article has gone up for Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture:




And, incidentally, this article brings to completion Interpreter’s seventh (7th) volume since the journal’s launch on 3 August 2012.



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  • dangerdad

    I’m enjoying this tremendously. Though I can’t help but notice that Elder Maxwell made a comparison to warfare, with guns & stuff.

    • DanielPeterson


    • Ray Agostini

      Which was metaphorical, of course. But I’m sure Elder Maxwell knew the literal meaning of “guns blazing”, as he was a US marine in World War II. After the war, he served as a missionary. I’ve read most of Elder Maxwell’s books, and there isn’t one I wouldn’t highly recommend. May I express my thanks to Dan for publishing this article. Elder Maxwell has always been one of my favourite Church leaders. He was actually a Regional Representative with one of my Mission Presidents, when that office was in place.

      One could read his books over and over, and still glean “something spiritual” and insightful from them. One memorable quote to me was (paraphrasing), “today’s youth have so much done for, that they are almost done in”. The reservoir of his wisdom was like Niagara Falls, constantly flowing, and seemingly never-ending.