Elections have consequences


President Obama steps forward to assume responsibility.
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“If you like your healthcare plan,” said the President, “you can keep it.  Period.”


President Obama maintained close supervision over the rollout of his healthcare plan.


Strong leadership and executive competence have been Obamacare’s key to success:




President Obama comes clean to the American people.


Everything’s going to be just fine.  You have to break a few eggs, of course, to make an omelet:




Thank goodness for strong, competent, honest leadership.


We really dodged a bullet when we rejected this guy:


This man’s never run or managed anything in his life.
He would have been a disaster.



Another Hamblin/Jenkins fix
Twelve years ago, today
"Bait and Switch: How Same-Sex Marriage Ends Marriage and Family Autonomy"
Fight against genetically-modified crops, eat well, live comfortably . . . and kill lots of other people.
  • Chris Baker

    Aside from who you believe we should’ve elected, I agree.