Find Earth!


Not this photo. The other one.
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In her remarks on Saturday, Professor Jani Radebaugh indicated that earth can be seen, barely, in the background of the picture of Saturn that I appended to this blog entry on Saturday night.


The photo was taken from a satellite that had passed beyond Saturn and that was, accordingly, aiming its camera back toward the center of the solar system.


Earth was very, very far away.  Can you find it?  Feel free to enlarge the photo.  In fact, you may need to do so.


(Hint:  There are, I think, two possibilities.  I believe I know which one is the right one, and will be happy to reveal the answer at some not-too-distant time.)



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  • RaymondSwenson

    The NASA images of Saturn with annotations showing the locations of the earth, Mars and Venus, are at .

  • Orla V. Pedersen

    Is it possible to get a printed copy of the symposium of last Saturday at the Convention Center in Provo. It was awesome. I told several friends about it, and they are sorry they missed it?

    • DanielPeterson

      We hope to have printed proceedings of the conference out in early 2014.

      Meanwhile, recordings of the presentations and discussions should be up within a couple of weeks.