“New Religious Movements meet widely varied needs”


We may not be quite there yet, but give it time . . .


This weekend’s Hamblin/Peterson column has appeared in the Deseret News:




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  • RaymondSwenson

    I wonder how many of us ordinary Latter-day Saints are really thinking about planning for the church to continue growing. The surge in missionaries will surely lead to a surge in new members, increasing the growth of conversions by a corresponding amount of 50% a year. Because this is a compounding percentage, the historical doubling interval of twenty years could become substantially shorter. The other part of LDS growth is the higher birthrate, with earlier marriage and more children for each family, which will especially contrast with the less-than-replacement birth rate for most people in the world. The LDS will be growing not just as an absolute number, but also as a percentage of the population in each nation. We will have increasing visibility, meaning both more friends and more enemies. As is the case now, the people opposed to the Mormons will include many of both the most militant atheists and the most dedicated Christians, both groups alarmed by Mormon growth and strength at the ballot box, as well as the average financial prosperity that tends to follow a circumspect lifestyle.