“Of Tolerance and Intolerance”


Freedom is the right to think and act correctly, ja?


I’m quite late with this notice, but, it being Friday, another piece has gone up in Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture.  This one, by Dr. John Gee, is quite short, so you can begin to catch up on your Interpreter reading:




I’ve been a bit busy here.


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"There need to be some clear questions raised."
"Bait and Switch: How Same-Sex Marriage Ends Marriage and Family Autonomy"
"Judicial activism on marriage -- here's what to do now"
  • Mark Johnson

    I think I met Dr. Gee once. He was about my height. I wouldn’t describe him as short.

  • Jon

    This seems to be a case of of choosing quantity over quality. Gee’s piece is akin to a blog post and should have been posted on the Interpreter blog. It doesn’t deserve publication in a journal.

    • DanielPeterson

      You’ve never noticed the short book reviews and even shorter blog notes that appear, in large quantities, in virtually all academic journals?

      • Jon

        I’ve noticed them. I don’t recall seeing one of such little substance, however.

        • DanielPeterson

          You’re a very lucky guy.

    • Stephen Smoot

      I’ve seen plenty of two or three page reviews of books (and even stand-alone articles) in places like the Journal of Near Eastern Studies or the Journal of Biblical Literature. It’s a common practice (at least in my field of study).