Petersons at the Movies


The standard ad for “The Saratov Approach”


My wife and I took the opportunity, fairly late last night, to see The Saratov Approach, a film depicting the true story of a pair of Latter-day Saint missionaries kidnapped for ransom in Russia in 1998.  In my judgment, it’s one of the best “Mormon movies” to date.  Non-LDS audiences would appreciate it, too, I think.


We haven’t yet seen Ender’s Game, the film adaptation of Scott Card’s award-winning novel by that title.  In the meantime, though, for the 0.00021 of you out there who simply cannot wait for a comment from a Peterson on the movie, there’s this.  And that same Peterson has assembled some stills from it.



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  • Bernard_Gui

    Thanks for the notice on the new movie. Ender’s Game is top-notch. Even Mrs. Gui loved it, and she did not like the book.