Some work overtime at this.


A colleague with a connection to the city has a sign above his office door at BYU that reads “Keep Portland weird.”


I suspect that he has little cause for worry:




Posted from Park City, Utah.



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  • RaymondSwenson

    Clearly, based on the financial success of the “Book of Mormon” musical, Americans think Mormons are just as weird and amusing as Portlandians.

    Portlandians, and the people of Seattle and San Francisco, (places I have lived in or visited frequently) have elevated the materialist lifestyle into a religion.

    • Lucy Mcgee

      I live in Portland and have for over 20 years. What in the world are you talking about? Perhaps you should look at a distribution map of churches in the Portland area, including LDS churches. “Materialist lifestyle into a religion”….what an absolutely thoughtless comment.

      • RaymondSwenson

        Lucy, are you seriously claiming that traditional Christianity is the dominant belief system of the three metropolitan areas I mentioned? In San Francisco there are more pet dogs than children. Obviously any community of a million plus people will have some variety, but the aggregate does take on a predominant theme in many places, just as the predominant theme of Utah cities is Mormonism. The TV Series Portlandia captures a distinctive atmosphere in that city, that has parallels in the social discourse of Seattle and San Francisco. Fred Armisen knows what he is doing.

        • Lucy Mcgee

          I didn’t quite understand your initial comment, and may have gotten it all wrong. Perhaps you meant it as a compliment, since your own Prophet of God seems to “elevate” materialism along with religion.


          Mormon country also ranks higher than the Pacific Northwest in antidepressant use (A Report of the Dartmouth Atlas Project-2013), perhaps because of the guilt associated with all that shopping.

          • DanielPeterson

            There are many possible explanations for that antidepressant figure — including the idea that it may be an artifact created by different reporting methods.

            I wouldn’t base too much on it.

          • Lucy Mcgee

            Or perhaps everyone is overjoyed with all the shopping opportunities.

          • Lucy Mcgee

            Your comment is interesting Dr. Peterson since you have based past opinions on the statistics offered by you know who. You were willing to write an article based on his (and in my analysis very faulty) statistics (without question) when it suited your purpose, yet when presented with stats that show higher incidence of antidepressant use in Mormon country, you discount it. FYI, the Dartmouth study is only one of several which point to higher antidepressant use in Utah, than in the Pacific Northwest, but I’m sure you knew that already.

          • DanielPeterson

            Rodney Stark isn’t the only person who has made arguments on the general topic on the basis of statistical evidence; I’ve written in the past about at least three others. And you’ve questioned only one of his statistical arguments, though he offers dozens in the same general direction.

            I don’t say that Utah doesn’t use antidepressants more than some other states, but I’m a bit suspicious, and I certainly don’t think that too much should be read into the data.

            And yes, I’m aware of the studies to which you refer. I’m thinking of writing something on the subject in the relatively near future.

          • Lucy Mcgee

            I don’t have the time or inclination to question his others, since I found plenty to be skeptical about in his cherry picking of UNODC data. Shame on him.

  • http://kgbudge.com kgbudge

    American politicians have included some very sharp cookies in their ranks, including (dare I say it) a one-time governor of Massachusetts.

    But they have also included in their ranks some of the most mind-bogglingly stupid people on the face of the planet.