“Stephen Hawking’s Warped Moral Calculus”



Dr. Stephen Hawking


I’m not uncritical of Israel.


Not even close.


But it’s always seemed to me that, in a world shared by Israel with the Asad family’s Syria and the Kim family’s North Korea, to say nothing of Darfur, Ratko Mladic, human trafficking, Columbian drug cartels, the Taliban, Somalia, Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, al-Qa‘ida, the Castro brothers’ Cuba, the remnants of Mao’s China, and Myanmar — a world lately graced, too, by such luminaries as Saddam Hussein, Muammar Qaddhafi, Hugo Chávez, and Pol Pot — Israel’s flaws ought to be kept in perspective.


Stephen Hawking seems, plainly, not to have done so:





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  • Lucy Mcgee

    Just a little late on this aren’t you?

  • Stephen Wight

    I really enjoy Stephen Hawking. He has contributed much to the scientific world in the realm of physics that is fascinating, even for the layman. However, he can be, I believe, most mistaken when he ventures outside of his field. I remember well his comment some time ago that we no longer needed a God figure to explain the universe, as we now know enough about how it operates that God is unnecessary. This is approaching the “God of the gaps” idea that is naive thinking for anyone, theologian or physicist. And Stephen Hawking is not a theologian. Thus I was fascinated to read an article coauthored by him in the Summer 2013 Special Collector’s Edition of Scientific American. In the article he describes the distorted reality of the world as seen by the goldfish peering out through a curved goldfish bowl…and he equates that world to what scientists are perceiving from their own multiple and limited perspectives. In short, scientists likely study their own unique model of reality. I have long sensed that, although I could not have put it into as elegant of language as Mr. Hawking. Now we have Mr. Hawking refusing to travel to Israel due to some perceived flaws of that country by him and some of his acquaintances. And yet he has traveled previously to the Soviet Union and Iran…amazing! This is straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel to its highest degree. Nevertheless, because of his science and his triumph over the severe limitations of his physical body, I will always honor him. But as for his decision not to visit Israel in pursuit of furthering his science, well…he is peering out at the political reality of the world through a very curved fishbowl. And, he is not a theologian.