“The Late War against the Book of Mormon”


That’s all, folks!


It’s Friday, so, of course, Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture has posted yet another article.  This one responds to a very recent presentation that purported to identify a major literary source — “the smoking gun!” “the silver bullet!” (I’m not making this up; some critics actually used these phrases) — plagiarized by Joseph Smith and/or a group of conspirators during the composition of the Book of Mormon:




This article, by Ben McGuire, represents a preliminary take on one aspect of the claim.  If we feel the matter merits further attention, it will receive further attention.  (I believe that this is what one critic has described as “the flailing about in apologetic circles.”  It seems that we’re supposed to be in a panic.)


I was late in getting this notice up because I’ve spent the day at the tenth annual meeting of the Society for Mormon Philosophy and Theology (SMPT) in the Sorensen Student Center at Utah Valley University — including participation on a noontime panel regarding the relationship of “Mormon studies” and apologetics that also featured Brian Birch, Kristine Haglund, Dennis Potter, and Blair Van Dyke, and introducing Noel Reynolds as the keynote speaker in the evening (“The Gospel according to Mormon”).


The SMPT conference concludes tomorrow (Saturday).  The schedule of speakers may be examined here.



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