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Did he really say this?  Really?


A silver lining in the cloud that is Obamacare?


Obamacare takes over the nation’s breakfast nutrition
Shared with me by Dr. James Davies


Has a court just ruled it "patently offensive" to express an anti-abortion viewpoint?
"Why that gay marriage study was faked, and why we should expect more like it"
Knowing, willing, and doing
"Not My Will, But Thine, Be Done"
  • GarryMoss

    Think Joe knows there’s no such thing as “Constitutional Rights?” …Nahhhhh
    Re Ann: All the free birth control democrats want or anything else to encourage them NOT to reproduce!

    • kgbudge

      Chelsea Clinton recently gave a speech in which she lamented that her grandmother did not have access to cheap and effective birth control.

      The snappy comeback practically writes itself.

      There are some really smart Democrats out there. But Joe and Chelsea don’t seem very bright, do they?

      • Scott Clark

        I read a book a while ago that used the term courtiers for these kinds of people. Like those in the reign of Louis XIV I think it was. Pretty knowlegeable about things that would get them ahead at court but not much good at anything outside of that bubble.

        The book was Voltaire’s Bastards. Pretty descriptive title actually.