Exploiting Mitt Romney’s black grandson for anti-conservative political humor


It’s a good thing that America kept these wicked people out of the White House.


It’s a sad day when people of goodness, love, and progressive virtue must apologize to evil, callous, reactionary haters, but such a day has apparently come:





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  • kiwi57

    Let’s see.

    They’ve apologised to the baby, who after all probably isn’t particularly offended.
    They’ve also apologised to adoptive parents at large, particularly those who’ve adopted across racial lines.

    But did anyone actually get around to apologising to Mitt Romney? Or the baby’s parents? Or just about anyone else who was actually targeted by that so-called joke?

    [Edit]: Okay, the lady who started the nonsense did indeed apologise to the Romney family. Let’s give credit where it is due. It looks like she was the only one, though.

  • Brock Lesnar

    Thanks for posting this article. This whole incident makes me sad and just reinforces the whole, us verses them attitude which is so destructive in American politics.

    When it comes to racist comments and attitudes there is plenty of blame to go around with both parties. I remember cringing when Chris Buttars and Rick Perry made their racist remarks. Democrats and Republicans both have a long way to go in being more racially sensitive.

    Ron Paul made an interesting and profound statement about how there is very little, if any difference between political parties these days. He said, “these parties aren’t different, they’re all the same. The monetary policy stays the same. The welfare system stays the same. The foreign policy stays the same. They get pretty disgusted. There is but one party.” He could of also say the same about racist attitudes.

    Despite public perception, there really is very little difference between the political parties in terms of economic policy, foreign police and racial attitudes. I hope I live to see the day when the sheeple will wake up and recognize this.

  • joseph peterson

    your bitter roots are showing. This controversy is so overblown. Typical of conservatives, the Martin Bashir fiasco was an ultimate win (and rightly so, that was so awful), so they rally behind any other insensitivity from “the liberal media,” however well-intentioned or good humored, and they pounce on it in hopes of a repeat victory.

    • Bernardo_Gui47

      Romney lost the election and has retreated into the relaxed anonymity of fellow failed Presidential candidates. What is the purpose of the continual piling on? Obviously, to put more nails in the coffin to prevent some sort of vampirish reanimation.

    • Bob Oliverio

      JP, you are either ignorant, naive or attempting to be a smarta_s w your response. Have you no common sense about the media???

      • joseph peterson

        Dan, are these ^^ not baseless, and insipid insults without much merit? (Re: previous things Dan Peterson accuses me of doing even though I really don’t) .

        • DanielPeterson

          Take it up with Bob Oliverio, JP.

          • joseph peterson

            Oh, I don’t care what he says. I just want to show you examples of what you accuse me of doing and saying to you, so you can learn to see the difference.

          • DanielPeterson

            I understand these things perfectly well, and you’re guilty as charged.

          • joseph peterson

            As long as you conflate my comments with the likes of Bob Oliverio’s, I’ll never be convinced you understand “these things” perfectly well, and certainly not by merely stating the fact. But for the sake of argument, I’ve never called you a name. You’ve called me several (jackass and fascist come to mind), along with some of your readers. So the evidence does leave me wondering what you understand a baseless insult to be. I stir the pot, I question your motives, I accuse you of letting your politics blind your reason, and I lament your fall from the pedestal where I once esteemed you. Are these baseless insults, or my opinions and observations? I don’t call you jackass, I don’t call you some political label I deem to be derogatory, I don’t get heated and bombastic, and even while not aiming to be exactly civil, I still don’t get how you can accuse me “guilty as charged.”

    • DanielPeterson

      To whom are you speaking, JP? Whose “bitter roots” are you talking about?

  • Bernardo_Gui47

    Everyone has missed the real issue betrayed by the photo….all the boys are in blue and the girls are in pink. Has this family no shame? Can Romney stoop any lower?

  • RaymondSwenson

    Some 50 years ago pictures were taken of white grandparents embracing their black grandchild. The child’s name was Barack Obama. If the Romneys are to be ridiculed, why not Obama’s grandparents, who ended up raising him? Conversely, if Obama’s grandparents are appreciated for helping to prepare him to be President, why shouldn’t the Romney family be praised for taking on the same task for this child?
    In a four decades, there could be a black Romney running for President, at a time when there could be 25 million Mormons in the US. My guess is that most of my 15 grandchildren would vote for that Romney.