Help for the Old Testament course of study beginning next Sunday


Virtually all of the Bible narrative occurred within the area shown in this satellite view.
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With the new Gospel Doctrine curriculum year set to begin next Sunday, I would like to call attention once more to The Interpreter Foundation’s series of “scripture roundtable” discussions:


These are intended to be helpful and interesting for Gospel Doctrine teachers and students, as well as all those using the same curricular materials for related courses.  They are organized to correspond to the separate lessons in the manual, and are posted 2-3 weeks in advance.  (We already have three up for next year.)


Three or four people “meet” via computer connections, and share insights, observations, and questions.  It’s very informal, very plain and simple, and the discussions are always on an accessible  level.


We know that many are intimidated by the Old Testament.  We don’t think that’s necessary, and, especially this year, we want to help.


Thanks to many generous financial donors (most of them relatively small) and to the kindness of our volunteer participants, all of our roundtable discussions — like virtually everything else from The Interpreter Foundation — are available at no charge.



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