Ice everywhere, but no hockey sticks


Antarctica, 2015
(or something like that)


Those who’ve been following the controversy over global warming will get the references here:



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His most famous line from the 1964 Republican convention in San Francisco
  • RaymondSwenson

    Back when average temps were actually rising, the major news media loved to illustrate every global warming story with a tempersture graph. But since they leveled off over a decade ago, no temp graphs are shown. It would be too obvious that the emperor of global warming has no clothes.

    Global warming has entered the realm of faith, like the ozone hole, which was never a hole (it was only a 10% decrease) and never a threat to inhabited latitudes. Ozone not only absorbs UV light, it is formed by UV splitting oxygen molecules O2 to enable free atoms to form O3 (ozone). Because ozone is highly reactive, its population in the stratosphere is sustained by sunlight. When the polar regions are in darkness in winter, the ozone cannot be replenished, so there is a deficit by spring, but it builds up again by summer. The catalyzation of ozone breakdown by CFCs can only happen when there are ice crystals in the stratosphere, namely during a polar winter. Thus, the ozone hole was never a threat to inhabited climes.

    But here is the fun part: The substitute refrigerants that replaced CFCs are intensely strong greenhouse gases, thousands of times stronger than CO2 and more enduring, so since they were put into use in 1990, they have been providing a large amount of the greenhouse effect. A solution to a non-problem, prescribed by international environmentalism, has become a major contributor to the new major climate problem. And we should let those screw-ups tell us how to solve this problem?

    Acid rain isn’t a real problem either.

  • Jon

    Mark Steyn is my go-to source when I want to follow the controversy over global warming.