In honor of Joseph Smith’s birthday, today


Joseph Smith’s birthplace in Sharon, Vermont
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Today is the anniversary of the 1805 birth of the Prophet Joseph Smith, in Sharon, Vermont.


With that in mind, I’ve assembled links to some of the Deseret News columns that I’ve published regarding him over the past few years.  I hope that some out there might find them informative and/or faith-promoting:


“Joseph Smith’s account of the Restoration is difficult to counter”


“Joseph Smith’s Character”


“Joseph Smith was known as truthful”


“The collective witness of Joseph Smith’s family”


“Millions shall know Brother Joseph again”


“If beginning is true, all else follows”


“The Prophet Joseph Smith was no double-dealing cynic”


“Many of Prophet’s revelations were shared experiences” 


“Prophet’s birthday fits with season”


I would imagine that there is some overlap between them — I seldom check — but I hope  not too much.


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