“Meet the Mormon ‘Wizard’ Who Almost Became a Billionaire Teaching Brazilians a Second Language”



A scene in Sao Paulo, Brazil


Here’s an interesting fellow of whom I’ve never heard before:





  • JohnH2

    He was a mission president in Joao Pessoa Brazil in the early 2000′s. Based on conversations I had with people who had been APs there he created an interesting system that led to lots of baptisms. Something along the lines of a requirement to baptize every week or the senior companion was transferred out. He also apparently had baptism APs; the top baptizing missionaries were made special APs who would go to areas that weren’t baptizing as much and get the baptism rate up. Based on the mission news letter I saw they hit a thousand baptisms a month, which was there goal. He also helped out many of his previous missionaries to get franchises and employment with wizard. He was apparently a big fan of Grant Von Harrision’s “Drawing on the Powers of Heaven”.

    That is the extent of my knowledge on him.

    • DanielPeterson

      Thanks. I knew nothing of him. This was helpful.

    • Scott Clark

      It looks like he served in the same mission I did when I did (Portugal 76-78) and I heard his name mentioned at gatherings when I was in Salt Lake but I for the life of me can’t remember him. Most likely me not him.

      Posted from the land of the rising crackdowns. (Ukraine.)