“Obama’s defenders: He’s not corrupt, just dishonest and incompetent.”


Thanks to Jim Davies for alerting me to this one.


Of course, this article was published well before the triumphant launch of Obamacare:




Surely nobody’s talking about either dishonesty or incompetence now.



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  • Shelama

    It’s shame the Republicans threw away 2012 – an election that was impossible to lose – with their insane primaries of runts, losers, lightweights, liars and Jesus freaks.

    Even if Obamacare totally tanks, there’s a good chance they’re also gonna throw away 2016, too. Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, Glenn Beck, etc., et.al.: …the gifts that keep on giving.

    The Dems, of course, could also implode with arrogance, stupidity and incompetence. But they have a helluva lot of them to waste.