On Despising Just about Everybody and Laughing at Their Misfortunes


My favorite outfit for Casual Fridays


There’s an ongoing tournament, it seems, within a certain small subculture, to discern ever deeper and more disgusting areas of insensitivity, blindness, arrogance, and just plain depravity in Your Humble Servant.


The other day, somebody accused me of mocking the deaths of innocent people.


In general, apparently.  Not merely in specific cases.


I’m known, of course, to despise women, ethnic minorities, foreigners, non-Mormons, liberal Mormons, moderate Mormons, all who disagree with me politically, and anybody who goes for anything more edgy in cultural matters than Father Knows Best and The Carpenters, but now, it appears, I actually deride innocence itself.


This seems to set a new low, even for me, and I congratulate the current leader in the race on having achieved such success in a highly competitive environment.


Indeed, I’m going to offer proof that s/he is correct:




I find this little video funny.





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