Proof of life after death


No comment really needed, I think.


I saw them in concert when I was twelve.


(I think he’s immortal.  And what does that say about the nature of the universe?)



  • rockyrd

    I think he needs the resurrection!

  • Steven Glover

    How can a guy be embalmed and still be alive? I was raised on their music (so you know how old I am). I didn’t like it when I was 16 and I don’t like it now. Beach Boys forever!!!

  • Sharee

    I don’t follow rock music, so I don’t even know who that is in the picture–and I’m much older than Dan. Is it Mick Jagger?

    • DanielPeterson

      Close. Keith Richards. Also of the Stones.

      • Scott Clark

        “Stones.” Doesn’t that refer to their veins?