Same-Sex “Marriage” and Religious Freedom


Deployed by President Dwight D. Eisenhower (a Republican, by the way), members of the 101st Airborne escort black students to a previously-segregated high school in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1957


According to polling reported by an organization expressly committed to furthering same-sex marriage, 61% of Americans currently feel that churches and clergy should not be compelled to perform gay marriages against their will.  (See also this column, by the liberal columnist E. J. Dionne, which approvingly cites my friend David Blankenhorn.)  But 28% — which, depending upon your perspective, is either a small minority or a substantial and potentially threatening one — believe that clergy and churches should be forced to perform such marriages against their will.


I expect that this minority position (plainly tyrannical and flatly anti-constitutional though it seems to me) will grow and spread as those who oppose same-sex marriages continue to be demonized as ignorant, retrograde, and irrational haters comparable to the white bigots who oppressed African-American blacks in (and beyond) the pre-Civil-Rights South, unwelcome in polite society.


In this light, it seems to me that something like Senator Mike Lee’s proposed “Marriage and Religious Freedom Act” is urgently necessary, and urgently in need of vocal support.



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