Semper Fi


It’s surely proof that I’m not really much of a Christian, but . . . well, this little item put me into the Christmas spirit when I read it:


‘Tis the season to be jolly!
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John A. Widtsoe Symposium and Chair at the University of Southern California
A very brief conversation with an Israeli couple regarding Barack Obama
Inside the new Payson Utah Temple
"The man who may one-up Darwin"
  • Jon

    I have it on very good authority that Mr. Jackson was nowhere near the Best Buy in Augusta on the day in question. He’s been framed.

  • Doug Ealy

    Thank you for sharing. That was quite a fall the Mr. Jackson suffered. I hear GA is pretty icy this time of year! :)

  • Jon

    The part about the “fall” is entirely fictional.

  • hthalljr

    (What Jon, below said)

  • Ryan

    I see also that in the fabricated account the attacker’s name is changed from Tracey Attaway to Tyrone Jackson — perhaps because “Attaway” is too ambiguous?