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Surveys indicate that at least 25% of America’s college students suffer from intractable grade problems. In a nation blessed with such rich abundance, this should not be.


At this Christmas season, many students are struggling to get decent grades.  Many, sadly, will fail.  For various reasons, often beyond their control, they’ve missed classes, slept through lectures, failed to turn in assignments, done poorly on examinations.  Perhaps they struggle with inadequate writing skills.  Perhaps they have to work dead-end jobs, often late at night or early in the morning.  Perhaps, desperate for acceptance, they feel obliged to stay out late at night, thus depriving themselves of sufficient rest.  At some schools, many suffer from substance abuse and addiction.


Low grades will ruin Christmas for untold thousands of young people this year.


End GPA inequality.  Now.


It’s time for the haves to give to the have-nots:



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  • RaymondSwenson

    The recognition by students of the injustice of basing course grades on somethig other than individual achievement is the reason that Affirmative Action in admissions to highly competitive universities and graduate schools cannot work. All it does is place students who are far less prepared to compete into a situation where they are virtually guaranteed to have the lowest grades in almost every class.

    • Jeremy Alleman

      But how fair is it for those that are performing the best to hold onto those good grades and not share them with others! Such selfishness cannot be tolerated!
      In all seriousness, I do agree with you. We can see in history that when everything is held in common, nothing is carred for. Look at what the Pilgrims went through as noted in one of Dan’s earilier postings for Thanksgiving. Look at what happened to Socialist Russia and now China.
      What is interesting is that in the gospel people dedicated much of what they had in both the Bible and the Doctrine and Covenents. What sets it appart is that it was given back as a Stewardship for which the individual could handel and be responsible for personally. I don’t know if we could live like that now, but it is a facinating intersection of Capitalism and Socialism.

  • JohnH2

    i would support a straight pass/fail system.

  • jafnhar

    Life is awesome in our perfect meritocracy.

  • Sharee

    What if someone gave up some of their GPA to a person who was failing med school, so that person could graduate and become a doctor? Would you want to go to a doctor who got his or her degree because someone smarter gave up some of their better grades?

    • Mike

      What if someone gave up some of their resources that they could have used to start or expand a business, thereby employing many people, and instead had it inefficiently redistributed via a government program that only provided temporary help to a small fraction of those that could otherwise have benefited?

      Look at the video again.