The Interpreter Foundation and the IRS



IRS headquarters in Washington DC
Franz Kafka wrote a relevant story called Das Schloss (“The Castle”)
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The Interpreter Foundation is still without the 501(c)(3) tax exempt status that it seeks.


We’re waiting.  More or less patiently.  Well over a year since our application.  The IRS appears to be running roughly eighteen months behind.


Incredible.  I frankly doubt that most newly founded charitable groups can survive so long a delay.


Fortunately, though, we didn’t include the words patriot or Constitution or Tea Party in the materials that we submitted to the IRS.


I’m assured by the attorney who volunteered to help us with our application that there is no reason to expect that our petition won’t be granted, and it seems that all donations received between application and grant of status will be retroactively treated by the IRS as tax-free.


Still — and particularly at this season, when many Americans make their year-end charitable donations — it’s incredibly frustrating to be unable to aggressively solicit donations for a very worthy effort that has been extraordinarily productive on a very tiny budget.



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